Introduction of Palveluosuuskunta Casa Grande

Palveluosuuskunta Casa Grande, the Cooperative service society Casa Grande, is a community of eight grown-ups and one child. Its home is in Central Finland in the middle of large forests, small hills and beautiful lakes. The members of the community have lived together since the year 1991, but the cooperative service society is established in 1997, a year after their returning from Portugal. They lived there under the warm sunshine in Algarve, Aljezur, for half a year.The ground and authority of the members is the Holy Bible. The community is also known as an ecological community. One of its goals is to become so self-supporting as possible by cultivating and protecting land as the will of God is. Palveluosuuuskunta Casa Grande produces many kinds of services.

For instance

  • Training and courses
  • Marketing
  • Atelier sewing
  • Giving biblical knowledge



Palveluosuuskunta Casa Grande has offered riding lessons over ten years, but nowadays horses are only in private use. There are three horses and a two ponies in the stables.

Training and courses

The community has a home school of its own, where the children of the community have got teaching according to the law of compulsory education. The members together study other languages, too. The cooperative society has also a possibility to offer training of electronics and teleinformatics to the members of the community, and to the others, too.


Palveluosuuskunta Casa Grande has also offered marketing service to a minor degree for some years, and even today does when the need arises.

Giving biblical knowledge

Especially Anneli Näsi has examined the Holy Bible in different languages and in different versions from different epochs for seeking the knowing of God. She loves to deal this knowledge to the others, too.

It is written "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God." (Matthew 4, verse 4)

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